The right IT
with the right way
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IT Ecosystems

Russian software development team of
architects, analysts, designers, software engineers
and quality engineers for your project.

Our advantages

20+ years experience
in IT and software development
and efficient
in various

We work exclusively with advanced technologies.
No «shit of mammoths» that is used by bloody enterprise!
This allows our services to bring maximum benefits to our customers.

Expertise in the following domains

Billing systems
Payment processing services
Forex trading
E-voting systems
Social networks
Cloud technologies and services
Online insurance

Our services

IT consulting
Project management and mentoring
Software development

Using technologies and methodologies: Reactive Manifesto, Actor Model, Reactive Streams, Functional Programming, Scala, Akka Actors/Akka Cluster, Core OS cluster / Docker containers, Kubernetes, Mesos, DVCS Mercurial-flow, Continuos Intergation, Continuos Delivery, ICONIX2, SCRUM.

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+7 (499) 653-65-04